20 Outstanding Comfort Bathroom Ideas

Comfort Bathroom

Bathroom means a room containing a toilet and sink and typically also a bathtub or shower. In general, the bathroom can be divided into two types, namely “wet” and “dry”.

The wet bathroom usually has a water reservoir. From this tub people take water with a dipper which is then splashed onto his body. These bathrooms are most commonly used in Indonesia. This is mainly because water flow is not always guaranteed, or there is no flow of water in the place, so a reservoir with water is needed at all times.

Dry bathrooms usually provide a special place for people who shower. The bathing method is different, usually using a shower or by sitting or half lying soaking in a bathtub. This big tub is sometimes also added with a shower so people do not have to always soak in the tub. This is done to save more on water use.

The comfort bathroom directly connected to the bedroom is called the en-suite bathroom. This comfort room is usually only used by users of the bedroom. Sometimes this bathroom is used by two bedrooms, so it is built between the two rooms. Bathrooms like this usually have two doors that provide access to both rooms.

The design of the bathroom must take into account large amounts of water, hot and cold, in large quantities. Water is also used to rinse the dirt that is thrown into sewers or septic tanks. Water splashed onto walls and floors, as well as steam coming out of hot water, can cause condensation on cold surfaces.

Comfort Bathroom usually have

  • Two Choice between Hot and Normal water.
  • Shower curtain and liner.
  • Glass divider
  • Soap, Shampoo and Toothbrush holder.
  • Mirror
  • Trash can.
  • Bath mat.
  • Cleaning supplies.
  • Bath towels.
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Cup holder
  • and so on


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