Crystal Chandelier : Ancient Style Lamps for Modern Decorative

A crystal chandelier is a decorative light fixture from the ceiling. It is often build by of many prisms and crystal pendants that refract the light on the entire room and increase its clarity. The chandeliers usually shown in ceremonial rooms of prestigious buildings, theaters, palace but also in old high ceiling buildings. This is why most old chandeliers installation in modern buildings had to be shorten than before.

In the Middle Ages, the chandeliers were construct from wood. Shaped like a cross with a variable number of branches, and sometimes a peripheral circle to make the whole more solid. Candles were arranged on the branches. The chandeliers were hanging on a chain or rope. They had to be lowering manually to turn them on and off.

From the fifteenth century, the chandeliers were construct from metal. The forms have diversified on the basis of a circle or a crown. Their size has grown and they have become symbols of luxury and wealth.

In the eighteenth century, with the lower cost of manufacturing crystal objects, the chandeliers were often cover with crystal prisms and pendants. The size of the chandeliers was further getting bigger. In the 19th century, chandeliers appears where gas lighting is a replacement for candles. From then on, it was no longer necessary to have to go down the chandelier to light it. At the onset of electricity at the end of the nineteenth century,  light bulbs replacing old fashioned candles, hiding the flowers in false candles.


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